Our solution, tailored to your needs

Cashforce offers smart solutions for CFO and Treasurers in large companies in any industry and for all data sources.

Our modules can be used independently, both stand-alone or on top of your current systems. Combined, they function as an integrated all-in-one solution that will help you to be on top of your finances.

Reduce your working capital level

One module, covering the full cash conversion cycle

Cashforce offers insights in the Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay and Forecast-to-Fulfill processes, by connecting to your AR/AP data that resides in one or more ERP/Accounting Systems. By connecting to the data on transaction level, users are – at all times – able to drill down into the very details and hence have both an overview as well as all details at a glance.

KPI-based, extensive reporting

Cashforce offers a wide range of KPIs, covering all aspects of your working capital. These KPIs can be reported on across various dimensions, e.g. per company group, per customer segmentation, per country, per client, etc. Based on the data within Cashforce, users are able to build their own reports and dashboards, including an automated reporting flow to other stakeholders within the organization.

Analyze your receivables & payables as you’ve never done before

Whether you are looking for more detailed insights on the AR side or the AP side, within Cashforce we offer far-reaching insights on your customer’s payment behavior and your own payment behavior, including visualizations per customer, per customer group, per region, etc. that immediately show where users should take actions to release the pressure of your company’s working capital.