Our solution, tailored to your needs

Cashforce offers smart solutions for CFO and Treasurers in large companies in any industry and for all data sources.

Our modules can be used independently, both stand-alone or on top of your current systems. Combined, they function as an integrated all-in-one solution that will help you to be on top of your finances.

Nothing like a classic TMS

Treasury automation as the cornerstone of your organization

Cashforce helps companies to automate their core treasury processes. To this extend, Cashforce automatically calculate the Treasury accounting entries originating from the different treasury deal instruments, as well as the account interest calculations. These accounting entries can then be exported in any format for import into the ERP system. A similar automation has been developed to facilitate treasury payments.

Have a clear overview of your FX Exposure, today & in the future

Cashforce will collect all known FX exposures from the Balance Sheet (gathered from Bank account balances, Internal/external loan & deposit balances, the balance of certain hedging items…) with the ultimate goal to review the current FX position vs exposure limits. The user will have different specific hedging proposals suggested to him, which can be uploaded to/integrated with your trading platform.

Organize & optimize your own cash pools & in-house bank

Whether you perform daily ZBA sweeps or have specific targets per bank account (target balancing), Cashforce will support you to optimize the cash that resides within all entities of your organization, by automatically generating a balancing proposal for all bank accounts. Allow your HQ/Shared Service Center(s) to act as an in-house bank: Cashforce will take care of all ICO transactions and keep track of the intercompany positions (including interest calculations).

True deal Management

Naturally, Cashforce also support users to input & manage different types of Treasury deals (Loans, Deposits, FX options/swaps/spots/forwards), including a back-office / front-office coordination & segmentation. Important to note is that all treasury flows will automatically feed into the Cash Forecasting module.