Managing your liquidity is a key priority for many finance departments in present-day circumstances. Additionally, improving working capital has become vital to unlock trapped cash within the company to help better manage through the current crisis and its ripple effects.

Cashforce and PwC would like to invite you to join us for a webinar focused on Working Capital Management, which will be hosted by Cashforce. In this webinar you’ll learn about:

● Market perspectives on liquidity and working capital

● Key value drivers and levers Treasury, Finance & Operations can influence to affect working capital improvements in today’s environment

● Practical applications and use case examples of how companies are leveraging and implementing innovative solutions to improve cash flow and working capital

● Case study examples of how to identify and drive tangible improvements across the AP and AR cycles

We are very proud to welcome the following speakers:
● Chinmay Trivedi – Treasurer – GE Healthcare
● Ron Chakravarti – Global head – Citi Treasury Advisory Group
● Eric Cohen – Partner – PwC US Financial and Treasury Management
● Nicolas Christiaen – CEO & Co-founder – Cashforce


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