Working Capital Management and Cash Management [webinar]

Nicolas Christiaen


Working Capital Management and Cash Management [webinar]

In this webinar Nicolas Christiaen, CEO of Cashforce, will explore the innovative side of Working Capital Management.

By looking at the core metrics for Account Receivables & Account Payables (such as DSO/DPO), Nicolas will explain how technological progress has made it possible for working capital managers to take a more strategic role in the organization.

Working Capital KPIs are now available instantly and almost real-time, and can be communicated with other relevant stakeholders across the organization: sales managers, operational teams, etc.

Through use cases and a demo, Nicolas will take the audiences on a journey across the basic ins & outs of Working Capital Management and explain how technology has pushed the boundaries of the steel.


Content originally posted on by the US Federation of Credit on 25/10/2017

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