Webinar Recording: Cash Forecasting Survey Results 2019

Too Much Processing, Not Enough Forecasting?

Nicolas Christiaen


Webinar Recording: Cash Forecasting Survey Results 2019


Effective cash forecasting is one of the central pillars of treasury, and has been on the radar for improvement for many companies. From incumbent industry reports as well as many discussions with corporate practitioners, we consistently hear and read cash forecasting pop out as one of the biggest challenges. To learn more about the complexity of the topic from first-hand data, we initiated the first Cash Forecasting Survey together with the Financial Executives Consulting Group. This survey was focused on senior financial and treasury executives. The 225 respondents are active across a variety of industries (manufacturing, energy, retail, telecommunications, health care, …) that range from smaller businesses (35% under $50 million revenue) to big corporations (28% over $1 billion revenue). The results of the survey are discussed in-depth during the following webinar.

Webinar recording

Presentation slides

Additionally you can find the presentation slides of the webinar here.


Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar? We’ve packed our 5 key findings in a handy infographic which you can share with your colleagues and peers.

5 top findings on cash forecasting conflated into handy pictures, images and graphs




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