Cashforce, and its upcoming NextGen platform, is featured in Strategic Treasurer’s Fintech Analyst Report Series: Treasury and Risk Management Systems. You can download the full report here.

The Treasury and Risk Management Systems (“TMS”) Analyst Report offers a thorough evaluation of the TMS space by covering the emerging uses of AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), RPA (robotic process automation), and API (application programming interface) technologies in treasury; the place of a TMS/TRMS in business continuity planning and preparing for disruption and volatility; the best practices and proper mindsets for avoiding pitfalls in selecting, making a business case for, and implementing treasury technology; as well as the varied ways in which these solutions address the day-to-day pain points and inefficiencies of treasury departments. within the space.


About Strategic Treasurer

Strategic Treasurer is a leading consulting firm in the area of treasury and risk management serving corporate clients, banks, and technology providers.


About Cashforce

Cashforce is a ‘next-generation’ Cash forecasting & Working Capital management platform, focused on automation and integration – bridging the gap between the CFO, finance, AR/AP and treasury. The platform is unique in its category because of the seamless integration with numerous ERPs & banking systems, the ability to drill down to transaction level details, and the intelligent AI-based simulation engine that enables multiple cash flow scenarios, forecasts & impact analysis.

Cashforce is a global company with offices in New York, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & London and provides Cash visibility to multinational corporates across various industries in over 120 countries worldwide.





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