5 Reasons To Get Excited About Cashforce In 2021


5 Reasons To Get Excited About Cashforce In 2021!


We’re very excited about 2021! Here are just a few of the things to look forward to this year! 


1. Cashforce NextGen Coming Soon

Our NextGen platform will greatly lower the barrier to cash flow forecasting for corporates in 2021. NextGen can be scaled to suit the need of any corporate; ERP connectivity or mature forecasting processes are not necessarily required!

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2. Expanded Strategic Partnerships

We are pleased to welcome TIS and Bank of America to our Partner Program, in addition to our existing partnerships with Citi, PwC, BNP Paribas and KBC. These new relationships strengthen our focus on integration and banking APIs.

3. 2021 Quick Wins Program 

In 2020 our Quick Wins offering accelerated adoption of our best-of-breed cash forecasting system, creating huge opportunities for organizations. That’s why in 2021 we are expanding the program to help companies with their most critical need by lowering the barrier to automate cash forecasting. 


4. Cash forecasting thought leadership

In 2021, we will continue to share best practices, client cases and thought leadership with you on cash flow forecasting and working capital analytics.

We will be inviting you to webinars and panel discussions. In case you missed any sessions in 2020, watch them here:

5. To (hopefully) catch up in person real soon 

Best wishes for 2021!


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