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Release your working capital and treasury potential

Gerry Daly 16/09/19

Release your working capital and treasury potential with Cashforce, turning your finance department into a business catalyst.

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Cashforce Welcomes Alex Weinrich as new Head of Nordic Sales


Cashforce announces and welcomes Alex Weinrich as the Head of Nordic Sales in charge of our European expansion and sales growth.

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A.I. 2.0 – Cashforce develops next generation Machine Algorithm applied to industry-wide challenge in Corporate Treasury: Cash Flow Forecasting


Cashforce develops AI-powered cash forecasting module

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Cashforce welcomes Gerry Daly as new Head of Sales in the United Kingdom


Cashforce welcomes Gerry Daly as new Head of Sales in the United Kingdom. He will help us with our global expansion and sales growth in general.

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Question Answered: Meeting the challenges of liquidity planning and forecasting

Mark O’Toole with Treasury Today 19/04/19

For more than a decade, liquidity and forecasting have remained in the top three challenges for CFOs and treasurers globally. This begs the question: why has[…]

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Cashforce and Fides Win Global Finance 2019 Treasury and Cash Management Award

Nicolas Christiaen 08/04/19

Cashforce & Fides awarded as the ‘World’s Best Treasury & Cash Management Providers 2019 for Best Use of (AI) Artificial Intelligence in Treasury Management’ by Global[…]

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Webinar Recording: Cash Forecasting Survey Results 2019

Nicolas Christiaen 04/04/19

Cashforce and FECG discuss the results of the Cash Forecasting Survey 2019 during the following webinar.  

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Cash Forecasting Survey Results 2019 – 5 Key Insights

Nicolas Christiaen 25/03/19

Cashforce and FECG surveyed 200+ different companies about their cash forecasting challenges in treasury. The survey aims to dig a little bit deeper into the challenges[…]

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Webinar: Cash Forecasting Survey Results 2019 – Too Much Processing, Not Enough Forecasting?


Even the most experienced treasury departments struggle to create accurate cash forecasts. By conducting the Cash Forecasting Survey 2019 we wanted to find out why companies face challenges[…]

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BNP Paribas and Cashforce enter into a partnership to offer digital cash flow forecasting and working capital services to Corporate Treasurers


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How to generate an accurate cashflow forecast – 3 key factors


One would imagine that in a world where smart cities and virtual reality are becoming a part of daily reality, treasury and finance departments would have[…]

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Struggling with your liquidity forecast? Transform your forecasts from Bad to Best [webinar]


Too much manual effort and too little time for indispensable analysis, for many treasurers a daily reality. With automated and accurate forecasts & simulations within reach, this webinar explains[…]

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Cashforce expands in the Americas with the appointment of Mark O’Toole as Head of Sales & Marketing


“As we focus on the Americas, I’m delighted to have Mark onboard with his background in finance and treasury to drive our solution’s growth”, said Christiaen.

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Four cornerstones for a reliable cashflow forecast [webinar]


In this WEBchat Nicolas Christian, CEO at Cashforce, contrasts the functionality of dedicated cash flow forecasting platforms such as Cashforce’s with the approach of a classic[…]

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Cashforce secures € 2 million funding to fuel its international expansion

Nicolas Christiaen 15/02/18

Among others, the Belgian business magazine Trends has dedicated an extensive article on BelCham Board of Directors Member Michel Akkermans’ most recent investment: a capital injection[…]

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Cash forecasting: A data story

Benjamin Bergers 25/01/18

Have you ever heard the dogma that people only use 10% of their brain capacity? Fortunately, this statement is a myth, but a similar (and more truthful)[…]

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Working Capital Management and Cash Management [webinar]

Nicolas Christiaen 25/10/17

By looking at the core metrics for Account Receivables & Account Payables (such as DSO/DPO), Nicolas will explain how technological progress has made it possible for[…]

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Does technology actually help you to improve your Cash Management?

Nicolas Christiaen 21/10/17

It is a question that many companies have been asking themselves for the past few years. Innovative, dedicated technologies may be very exciting, but the question[…]

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Re-inventing treasury workflows: Smart Treasury

Benjamin Bergers 21/07/17

While the role of the treasurer is changing, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain the current workflows and simultaneously take on new demanding tasks. One of[…]

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Effective cash flow forecasting in 6 steps [webinar]


Efficient and accurate cash flow forecasts are very difficult to achieve, in some ways they are the holy grail of working capital management.

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What are the drivers to your Cash Flow Forecast? [webinar]

Nicolas Christiaen 16/12/16

Every CFO, controller and treasurer wants to have the best view on what is eating or feeding their company’s cash. It seems however, there are several[…]

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Cash Flow Forecasting: From strategy to implementation – Part 2

Nicolas Christiaen 07/11/16

In the second part of the Cash Flow Forecasting: From Strategy To Implementation series, we will uncover the pains and gains of information collection. Having timely[…]

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Cash Flow Forecasting: From strategy to implementation – Part 1

Nicolas Christiaen 10/09/16

Cash forecasting has since long been the Holy Grail of many treasury departments. It doesn’t matter whether  you are a global, international company or a midsize,[…]

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Employee Testimonial: 3 maanden internship bij Cashforce [DUTCH]

Jonas Thys 04/08/16

Hi, mijn naam is Philippe Loosvelt, een 20-jarige student Netwerkeconomie. Drie maanden lang deed ik stage bij Cashforce als afsluiter van de driejarige bachelor.

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Cashforce raises € 1 million from Volta Ventures & Michel Akkermans (ex-Clear2Pay)


HERENTALS, March 31, 2016 – Cashforce, a Belgium-based fintech startup, recently raised €1m in Series A funding. The round was led by Volta Ventures with participation[…]

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