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Cashforce raises € 1 million from Volta Ventures & Michel Akkermans (ex-Clear2Pay)

Admin 31/03/16

HERENTALS, March 31, 2016 – Cashforce, a Belgium-based fintech startup, recently raised €1m in Series A funding. The round was led by Volta Ventures with participation[…]

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Employee Testimonial: 3 maanden internship bij Cashforce [DUTCH]

Jonas Thys 04/08/16

Hi, mijn naam is Philippe Loosvelt, een 20-jarige student Netwerkeconomie. Drie maanden lang deed ik stage bij Cashforce als afsluiter van de driejarige bachelor.

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Cash Flow Forecasting: From strategy to implementation – Part 1

Nicolas Christiaen 10/09/16

Cash forecasting has since long been the Holy Grail of many treasury departments. It doesn’t matter whether  you are a global, international company or a midsize,[…]

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Cash Flow Forecasting: From strategy to implementation – Part 2

Nicolas Christiaen 07/11/16

In the second part of the Cash Flow Forecasting: From Strategy To Implementation series, we will uncover the pains and gains of information collection. Having timely[…]

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Webinar: Cash Flow Forecasting

Nicolas Christiaen 16/12/16

Every CFO, controller and treasurer wants to have the best view on what is eating or feeding their company’s cash. It seems however, there are several[…]

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Effective cash flow forecasting in 6 steps [webchat]


Efficient and accurate cash flow forecasts are very difficult to achieve, in some ways they are the holy grail of working capital management.

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Re-inventing treasury workflows: Smart Treasury

Benjamin Bergers 21/07/17

While the role of the treasurer is changing, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain the current workflows and simultaneously take on new demanding tasks. One of[…]

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Does technology actually help you to improve your Cash Management?

Nicolas Christiaen 21/10/17

It is a question that many companies have been asking themselves for the past few years. Innovative, dedicated technologies may be very exciting, but the question[…]

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Cash forecasting: A data story

Benjamin Bergers 25/01/18

Have you ever heard the dogma that people only use 10% of their brain capacity? Fortunately, this statement is a myth, but a similar (and more truthful)[…]

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