Our solution, tailored to your needs

Cashforce offers smart solutions for CFO and Treasurers in large companies in any industry and for all data sources.

Our modules can be used independently, both stand-alone or on top of your current systems. Combined, they function as an integrated all-in-one solution that will help you to be on top of your finances.

Predict the future more accurately

An accurate forecast, fueled by all your data

The Cashforce platform connect to all ERP/Accounting systems within your company. To speed up this process, Cashforce has developed ready-built ERP connectors that have a proven record of successful projects and enable swift and seamless integration between ERP systems and Cashforce. This seamless integration will ensure an automated feed of information (e.g. AP/AR) into the Cashforce platform to build an efficient cash forecast. Besides ERP/Accounting data, Cashforce will also connect with other “cash-impacting” data that might reside in other systems, by integrating these systems as well. Thanks to this system integration, cash forecasts are always available at any level of detail, whilst keeping the full drill-down capacity of the forecast.

An intelligent forecasting engine to drive up accuracy

Cashforce uses an intelligent forecasting engine to process the incoming data. By applying a layer of “Smart Logics”, the cash forecasts become significantly more accurate. Some examples of logics that might be taken into account:

  • Timing of the Payment runs;
  • Actual customer payment behavior (if relevant for some flows)
  • Historical flows (if relevant for some flows)
  • WIP (if taken into account) …
Cashforce as a workflow management tool

Cashforce has a built-in workflow mechanism, making it possible for other persons to keep track of the cash flow forecasting process. Per reporting group, it is shown when and if a cash forecast of an entity has been uploaded in Cashforce. A detailed calendar is available to all Cashforce users & is managed by the organization’s HQ. The workflow management mechanisms also allows to set automated reminders & notifications.

Compare the actual cash flows with the forecasting cash flows

Cashforce has a very powerful forecast vs. actuals comparison. Users are able to drill down to find the root cause of a potential delta and learn from these differences. Multiple forecasted scenarios can be compared to the actual flow to have an even better idea of where to improve.

Simulate multiple scenarios based on different assumptions

The intelligent simulation engine helps users to gain insights in the future and model different scenarios by changing the underlying assumptions. By adapting these assumptions (e.g. changing payment terms of suppliers and clients, loans, historic payment behavior of clients, etc.), users will have an immediate idea of the impact on the future cash.