Get deep insight into your future cash flows

Cashforce pulls all your financial information (ERP & non-ERP) into one place and spots any future cash issues

Take the right decision to increase cash flow

Simulate different what-if scenarios & take the best fact-based decision for each company and bank account, in each currency

Build a bridge between treasury and business

Involve business departments such as sales, logistics and purchasing to optimize cash and working capital via the Cashforce platform

Get total control of your cash flow

Detect Cash Flow Issues Ahead of Time

Cashforce allows you to accurately forecast your incoming and outgoing cash flows by combining imported bank balances, real-time data from your ERP, as well as recurring cash flows (e.g. leasing costs, insurance costs, loans, salaries…) managed inside the platform. By doing so, you will be able to detect any cash shortages or surpluses ahead of time.

In addition, Cashforce enables you to easily forecast multiple companies, bank accounts and in multiple currencies. Finally, you’ll get a complete & transparent view on your intercompany cash flows.

Drill down to detect root causes

You want to look up the customers with deteriorating payment behavior? It’s just one click away!

Zoom in on those problem areas to identify the bills and payments that require special attention. So you don’t get caught out by an unforeseen bill ever again.

How is that possible? Our technology allows you to drill-down to each individual cash flow transaction (even in case of millions of transactions!).

Simulate & take action

“What is the impact of a factoring solution?”, “Which vendor discounts do I take?”, “What about dynamic discounting?”, “Do I need a straight loan or long term credit?”…

When you plan cash flow improvements, it’s important to be able to measure the impact of your actions & consider multiple scenarios. With Cashforce you can easily simulate & fine-tune each scenario. Finally, you can choose the best fit solution provider from our unique market place.

One-click integration with popular accounting software

CashForce easily integrates with your accounting software, but also with most ERPs and desktop packages, and you can set-up and forecast your cash in as little as 60 seconds

We are compatible with the most complex treasury instruments & set-ups

Cashforce has been developed to deal with a wide range of treasury set-ups. Our platform offers full transparency into what exactly drives the cash flow of complex (multinational, multi-bank, multi-currency, complex ERP(s)) enterprises.

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Cashforce is used in the following industries


  • CashForce was implemented in a short time in a complex environment. Thanks to Cashforce, we can now actively monitor and optimise our working capital & cash flow situation.

    Didier Vanderperren CFO ALCADIS - ALCADIS
  • In my 25 years experience of looking at cash flow solutions, CashForce is simply the best. It saves you real money by superior functionality, it's comprehensive and cuts through the usual complexity of ERP reporting and forecasting. CashForce is a gamechanger!

  • A lot of companies spend today up to 50% on data collection for managing their cash, which can now be fully eliminated. Now we have 100% 'added value time', resulting in significant savings.

    Peter Hegge International Interim CFO -
  • The Cashforce team succeeds to understand the core of the manufacturing processes required to realize efficient development & deployment of such intelligent applications.

    KATHLEEN GRANJE CFO PLASTIFLEX, global hosing manufacturer - PLASTIFLEX, global hosing manufacturer
  • CashForce is the only way to manage my cash position effectively. Now I know exactly when to borrow, how much and how to repay the loans!

    Tony Beeuwsaert CEO ACCOFORM - ACCOFORM

Why not try Cashforce Yourself?

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Get Total Control of Your Cash Today

Quick and Easy Setup

Cashforce hooks up with your ERP and bank accounts in a breeze. No complex configurations – start forecasting based on your latest data in minutes.

Bank Grade Security

Cashforce uses the same 128-bit encryption security that your online bank account does, but since we can only read your information, it’s actually safer than accessing your online banking account.


Techstars revealed the companies that will be participating in New York City’s own Barclays accelerator. Among the participants in the New York accelerator is Cashforce.

“This class represents a diverse cross-section of technologies” wrote Jenny Fielding, Techstars Managing Director. “We are excited to announce a dynamic group of problem solvers working to change the world as we know it.”


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