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Why choose Cashforce?

Drill down to the transactional details

Cashforce users can drill down to the actual cash flow drivers, hence gaining full transparency into what exactly drives the cash flow of complex multinational, multi-bank, multi-currency, complex ERP(s) enterprises.

Accurate cash forecast

By connecting to all cash-impacting data sources, Cashforce succeeds to build a highly accurate cash forecast. Smart algorithms are applied to provide even more accuracy and will show pro-active optimization actions.

Seamless integration

Thanks to out-of-the-box connectors, we seamlessly connect our platform with any ERP system. These connectors have a proven record of successful projects and enable a swift and seamless integration between your system(s) and Cashforce, guaranteeing a fast implementation.

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General Description

We help you manage your corporate cash flow. Cashforce offers insight into your current real-time cashflows from all data sources (ERP – Bank statements – Non-ERP Data).

Ultimate Cash Visibility

Cashforce is unique because it offers 100% transparency into what exactly drives the cash flow of complex enterprises (multinational, multi-bank, multi-currency, several or complex ERP(s)).

Innovative Actuals Classification

Cashforce offers 2 fully automated cash classification methods. We offer the traditional cash classification based on bank statements, yet also offer a state-of-the-art approach based on general ledger transactions from your ERP(s). This allows for extensive cash driver analysis and is unique on the market.

Automated Credit Facility Management

Manage your credit facilities from within the Cashforce platform. Our platform provides insightful overviews and comparisons such as credit facility vs headroom comparison, credit facility vs cash forecast comparison, etc.

Bank-independent cash pooling

Cash pools can be managed and analyzed through the platform. In a fully automated way, you will always have the most recent view on all your existing cash pools. At the same time, Cashforce will automatically compose a balancing proposal (including payment file) to optimize your cash pool in a cost-effective way.

General Description

Have a clear view on your current working capital. Even in the most complex businesses, KPI's and trends are monitored for AR, AP and inventory process (Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay, Inventory analytics).

Full Drill-Down To Transaction Level Details

Analyze the cash conversion cycle from high level till the transactional level details. At any time, Cashforce offers the possibility to dive into the transaction level, to analyze exactly what is driving the cash.

Build a bridge between treasury and other departments

Cashforce’s unique vision on working capital means that actual business departments such as sales, logistics and purchasing should be involved as well. Our platform will segment different user types to show each segment the insights & actions they need to lift working capital efficiency to the next level.

Up-to-date Working Capital KPIs At Your Finger Tips

Each day, Cashforce will show the most recent Working Capital KPIs that are relevant for your business. On top of this, our platform has a powerful visualization engine, enabling you to have an immediate view on the most important KPIs & issues.

Powerful simulations & scenario analysis

Perform simulations to evaluate potential working capital measures. You can play with payment terms, delivery dates and more to see how much working capital can be unlocked. Keep track of all created scenarios to compare and pick the best one to execute.

General Description

Our platform seamlessly integrates all your data sources through our Plug & play connector. Apply advanced & fully customizable cash flow logics to deliver astonishingly accurate cash forecasts.

Connect to all your cash-impacting data

Cashforce combines system-based data (ERP, CRM, Accounting System, Budget Systems, …) with manual input (including an audit trail for the group treasury). Our plug-and-play ERP connectors will automate the data collection from your IT landscape to our platform.

Leverage the most innovative Smart Forecasting Logics on the market

Cashforce has developed one of the most elaborate forecasting logics to bring your forecasting accuracy to the next level. Smart Logics can be defined and adapted completely to your company; from payment runs to actual customer payment behavior and this for each and every business unit.

Intelligent Simulation Engine

The built-in simulation engine will give you the possibility to do an in-depth analysis of future scenarios. Our forecast vs actuals and forecast vs forecast functionalities are the right tools to help your organization save money by strategizing payables & receivables in the future.

Your complex forecast in one platform

Cashforce is created to manage complex organizations and forecasts: multi-entity, multi-ERP, multi-currency, multi-banks, etc. Our flexible reporting engine will give you the power to report across different dimensions for short-, mid- and long-term forecasts, in just a few clicks.

General Description

With the ‘Smart Treasury’ module, all your day-to-day Treasury operations will be streamlined like never before

Automate your treasury process from start to finish

Cashforce will automate different aspects of your treasury operations: treasury payment file generation, accounting entry generation, MTM calculation, (ICO) netting processes, etc.

Impactful treasury reporting thanks to customization

Our platform has one of the most flexible reporting engines on the market. Through a ‘self-service’ environment, users can easily create custom reports for various purposes. Reporting across multiple dimensions, currencies, entities, cash pools, maturities, etc. is easy and can be done without interaction with IT.

Automated Accounting Entries & Payment Files generation

Cashforce will automatically generate accounting entries for your treasury instruments and send these entries, in the correct format, to your ERP system(s). Similarly, we will generate payment files for your treasury instruments and automatically integrate with your payment platform.

Integration with the cash forecast

Cash flows originating from your treasury instruments within the Smart Treasury module, will automatically be fed into the cash forecast.

Customer success stories

Vincent Almering Financial Director Interfood
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"Cashforce created a solution that interfaces directly with our ERP system and extracts data from our General Ledger and Orderbook. A great strength of the tool is the ability to drill down to the actual order or line item that drives a particular cash movement." 

Managing cashflows is an essential element for a global dairy trader due to high trading volumes and a complex distribution network that spans the globe.

Interfood went from a 5-day visibility of their cash flow and borrowing base, to a visibility of 3 months ahead as a result of the implementation of Cashforce.


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Didier Van der Perren CFO Alcadis
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“Cashforce was implemented in a short time in a complex environment. Thanks to Cashforce, we can now actively monitor and optimize our working capital & cash flow situation”

Alcadis is a Belgian-based importer and distributor of cars, active across six different countries. They can now count on an accurate cash forecast that is automatically consolidated from the different IT systems at the company, strenghtened by manual input and validation.

On top of that, Cashforce offers an insight in its working capital through a deep-down view on Alcadis’ KPIs related to its Forecast-To-Fulfill, Order-To-Cash and Purchase-To-Pay processes.

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Kathleen Granje CFO Plastiflex
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“The Cashforce team succeeds to understand the core of the manufacturing processes required to realize efficient development & deployment of such intelligent applications.”

Plastiflex is the world leader in developing and manufacturing hose system solutions for a variety of applications, from health care to floor care.

As a working capital intensive business, they can now be on top of what is happening with their working capital, every step of the way.

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In the News

Re-inventing treasury workflows: Smart Treasury
July 31, 2017

While the role of the treasurer is changing, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain the current workflows and simultaneously take on new demanding tasks. One of these often manual and time-consuming tasks is Risk management. As seen in, among others, this year’s Global Treasury Benchmark Survey of PwC, the registration and management of financial instruments stands among the top 3 challenges on the agenda of the surveyed Treasurers. In this article, we take a more in-depth look at possible optimizations in some key treasury workflows.

Does technology actually help you to improve your Cash Management?
December 11, 2016

It is a question that many companies have been asking themselves for the past few years. Innovative, dedicated technologies may be very exciting, but the question remains: Are they worth the investment?

We believe the answer is yes, but understanding the technology & its shortcomings are key to exploiting its full potential. Companies that are missing today’s “FinTech train” might find themselves in precarious situations in the future. They risk becoming relatively less productive and might lack insights that their technology-driven competitors will have.

Cashforce raises € 1 million from Volta Ventures & Michel Akkermans (ex-Clear2Pay)
September 27, 2017

Herentals – 13 January 2016 – Today Cashforce, a FinTech start-up, announced a €1 million Series A funding round led by Volta Ventures, marking the fund’s fourth investment of 2015. Pamica NV, the investment company of Michel Akkermans, former Chairman and CEO of financial technology company Clear2Pay, is co-investor. Both Volta Ventures and Michel Akkermans will join the Cashforce Board. Cashforce is helping large capital intensive businesses save time and money by offering cash flow visibility & pro-active cash saving insights. Cashforce will use the proceeds of this round to accelerate its product development and its commercial rollout in Europe.